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Heading for strong international growth: BCB Group strengthens management team

Newly appointed Group CEO for BCB Group Patrik Sobocki strengthens the management team to set the company up for growth internationally. Katariina Matveinen joins the company as Group CFO bringing decades of growth experience from business in healthcare and technology. Marie Arnell is appointed the CEO of Health Solutions and Petteri Viljanen is appointed the CEO of BCB Medical. Finnish BCB Medical and Swedish Health Solutions are both subsidiaries of BCB Group.

On the back of the appointment of a new Group CEO of BCB Group in Patrik Sobocki on April 1, the Group management is strengthened to set the company up for international growth.

Katriina Matveinen, CFO at BCB Group

BCB Group’s new CFO Katariina Matveinen is an experienced professional with over 20 years of experience in operational management, consulting, finance, strategy, and business development. Prior to joining BCB Group, Matveinen worked as the CEO of 9Lives, Finland’s largest producer of emergency medical and patient transfer services. Matveinen’s role in BCB Group focuses on strategic planning and strategic finance, operational development, and investor relations.

Marie Arnell, CEO at Health Solutions

Marie Arnell
, who has had an important role as the COO of Health Solutions during the past three years, is the new CEO for Health Solutions. Arnell has a strong background in the IT industry. She has also founded an IT consulting company and has worked in the MedTech industry for seven years. Prior to joining Health Solutions, Arnell was CEO at CSAM Prosang.

Joakim Söderberg, Head of Business Development at Health Solutions

Joakim Söderberg
, the founder of Health Solutions, will continue to support the company’s growth in the capacity of Head of Business Development. In his new role he will focus on sales and international business development. The company’s mission is to help the healthcare sector improve patient outcome through optimized use of healthcare and patient-generated data.

Petteri Viljanen, CEO at BCB Medical

Petteri Viljanen
will continue as the CEO of BCB Medical and will focus on implementing BCB Medical’s growth strategy. Viljanen is the founder of BCB Medical, founded in 2003 in Finland. The company focuses on disease-specific monitoring solutions with CE conformity for monitoring and analysing clinical data in over 120 disease groups.

Group CEO Patrik Sobocki comments on the strengthening of the BCB Group management team appointments: “I am very excited to welcome Katariina Matveinen onboard for the growth journey of BCB Group and look forward to continue working with Marie Arnell and Petteri Viljanen, to enable the company to grow outside of its core markets in the Nordics.”

Towards BCB Group’s international sucess

BCB Group consists of two wholly owned companies, BCB Medical and Health Solutions, and creates a significant operator in the field of HealthTech and the Life Sciences industry. The international growth of these two Nordic companies is supported by modern scalable software and a highly competent and dedicated personnel. BCB Medical, together with Health Solutions, is the Nordic market leader in gathering and analysing clinical data. BCB Group has owned the companies since 2021.

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