BCB Group welcomes Pasi Korhonen as a Strategic Advisor for the Leadership Team

BCB Group announces a valuable addition to its network of experts. A renowned academic and entrepreneur Pasi Korhonen brings to the Group his expertise in the fields of data science and pharmaceutical industry, as well as his experience as an entrepreneur in the RWE business and clinical trials.

BCB Group offers solutions for monitoring and analysing different disease groups through integrated proprietary platforms that use real-world data. In the near future, the company aims to strengthen its expertise and offering in the Life Science sector. For that purpose, the first phase of cooperation between BCB Group and Korhonen will focus on the use of RWE, real-world evidence.

Pasi Korhonen, a Strategic Advisor for BCB Group

Pasi Korhonen has extensive experience in data science and pharmaceutical industry. He is also a serial entrepreneur in RWE business and clinical trials. One of his companies, StatFinn – EPID Research, founded in 2005, operated in five countries and was acquired by IQVIA in 2018. Most recently, Korhonen has worked as a consultant through his own company that provides strategic advice and scientific leadership to clients.


Korhonen has an academic background in statistics and biostatistics. He has been a senior researcher in numerous research projects and held the position of a Professor of Biostatistics at the University of Turku.

Pasi Korhonen comments on the new cooperation: “When I was approached by Patrik Sobocki and Petteri Viljanen and offered this opportunity, I was honoured and inspired. BCB Group is an important player in the field, and I’ve long been impressed by their overall approach, their solutions, and their contribution to knowledge management. I see ample opportunities for success for BCB Group in the Life Science sector.

For example, I believe that in the future, data and analytics can offer the pharmaceutical industry disease specific real-world data solutions and a way to move from clinical trials to digital trials. This will be an important step for the safety of medicinal products.”

BCB Group CEO Patrik Sobocki welcomes Pasi Korhonen as a Strategic Advisor of the BCB Group Leadership Team: “I am delighted that Pasi has agreed to join us in our growth journey. His unparalleled experience and expertise in biostatistics, data analysis, and the pharmaceutical industry is extremely valuable to us, and further strengthens the knowledge base we already have within the Group.”

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