BCB Medical renews its brand and visual identity

BCB Medical is publishing its new brand and aims to increase awareness of the company as one of the biggest health IT providers in the Nordic countries focusing on the quality and effectiveness of patient care. In addition, we have highlighted our services for the Life Science industry. The first step towards the renewed brand is the new company website.

The theme for BCB Medical’s new visual identity is Data is worth more than gold. It is clearly visible on the website.

“The imagery has lots of details with gold nuggets representing the nuggets of information and data analysis typical to BCB Medical. The gold nuggets also symbolize the great value we put on analyzed data, since our mission is to offer current and future generations healthier lives,” says Leena Viljanen, the Chief Marketing Officer at BCB Medical.

The new website brings forth the Nordic nature with carefully chosen details. The imagery emphasizes the quality and expertise of BCB Medical.

“The central theme of the nature photos is flowing water during different seasons, symbolizing the flow of information. The photos have been edited to include shiny pieces of code to represent the business idea of BCB Medical: the data analysis,” Viljanen continues.

The website renovation didn’t just retouch the surface: the site is now clearer than before and easier to navigate. The new visual identity of the site was designed by Art Director Essi Rantanen from the communications and PR agency Telegraafi, together with Leena Viljanen.

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