BCB Medical wants to support healthcare professionals to deal with COVID-19 challenges

We have received several requests from health care professionals regarding the needs caused by the coronavirus; to collect COVID-19 data and link it to other disease-specific BCB Quality Register data.

Patient data is collected for monitoring and research purposes, especially concerning the risk groups. This allows data to be analyzed in future by combining the patient specific treatment data with COVID-19 data.

At the request of vascular surgeons in Finnish University Hospitals, we have implemented COVID-19 questions in BCB Vascular Register. The questions have been defined by Vascunet, a sub-commitee of the European Society for Vascular Surgeons, and the same data is collected across Europe. In the future this will make it possible to compare the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic at international level.

HUS (Helsinki University Hospital) is the first university hospital in Finland that has started COVID-19 data collection through BCB Vascular Register.

Maarit Venermo, Professor of Vascular Surgery from HUS, notes: “The COVID-19 pandemic also affects the treatment of patients with vascular surgery needs. It is important to collect data on these effects now for the later analysis. The Quality Register for Vascular Surgery has been operating since 1991 and for the last six years as a BCB Register. BCB implanted the addition of COVID-19 data to the register on a fast schedule. We were able to start collecting data without delay, which is important to us.”

The new COVID-19 features in BCB Vascular Register are also used in other Finnish university- and central hospitals. We have also expanded the reporting of certain BCB Quality Registers to include COVID-19 laboratory results as requested by our clients. 

BCB Medical is ready to implement corresponding extensions to all disease and patient group specific BCB Quality Registers.

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