BCB Group appoints Emma Höglund as Head of Growth to accelerate international growth

BCB Group, the Nordic market leader in gathering and analysing clinical data, is expanding its leadership team with a prominent appointment. Emma Höglund will join the BCB Group as the Head of Growth on June 13, 2022. Höglund has more than 15 years of executive leadership experience from both the healthcare and life science industries. Most recently, she has been in a leadership position in Novartis, driving transformation through digital innovation in the UK market.

BCB Group creates unique technology platforms to improve health outcomes across multiple patient groups. In the next few years, the company aims to grow outside of its core markets in the Nordics. To strengthen this development, Emma Höglund will join BCB Group as the Head of Growth as a part of BCB Group’s Leadership Team. Höglund will be responsible for driving the growth strategy of the Group as well as coordinating business development efforts across the business.

Emma Höglund, Head of Growth at BCB Group

Emma Höglund has strong commercial and executive leadership experience from both healthcare and life science industries, with demonstrated results in the adoption of digital innovation, healthcare management consulting, and leading change in international settings. She is passionate about how technology and data improve healthcare efficiencies and health for patients, which is perfectly in line with BCB Group’s vision.

Höglund most recently came from Novartis, where she was the Head of Commercial Excellence & Digital Strategy in the UK. In that role, she led initiatives impacting the speed and access to innovative medicines through technology and data-driven solutions. Höglund has also held leadership roles with MSD (Merck & Co.), Sirona Health Solutions and has corporate finance experience from Goldman Sachs. Höglund has a MSc from the Stockholm School of Economics.

Emma Höglund comments on her new role: “I am thrilled to join BCB Group at this time of the company’s journey. My professional purpose lies in making healthcare products and services contribute to better health while solving the great challenges that healthcare systems are facing today. BCB Group is uniquely positioned to provide solutions at the juncture of life science industry, healthcare, and academia, which will make a big difference to our customers and patients.”

BCB Group CEO Patrik Sobocki welcomes Emma Höglund to BCB Group and to the Group Leadership Team: “I am delighted that Emma has chosen to join BCB Group and is stepping into the new role at a pivotal moment for the company. Together, we are set up for a strong growth journey driven by the combination of unparalleled technology and further international expansion beyond Northern Europe. Emma Höglund will be a key person to support the company for the next growth phase of our journey, and further strengthens the leadership team of BCB Group.”

Towards BCB Group’s international expansion

BCB Group’s two companies, BCB Medical and Health Solutions, form a leading HealthTech company serving both the international healthcare industry and global life sciences customers across Northern Europe. With a team of 100 experienced engineers, healthcare experts, and data scientists, the international growth of these two Nordic companies is supported by modern scalable software combined with data-driven solutions. The merger between BCB Medical and Health Solutions was concluded in May 2021.

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