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BCB Group appoints new CEO Patrik Sobocki to accelerate international growth journey

The successful merger of BCB Medical and Health Solutions into BCB Group in 2021 has set the Group up for international expansion. Patrik Sobocki has served as the Chairman of the Board of Health Solutions and been a board member of BCB Group over the past two years. Sobocki was appointed BCB Group CEO on April 1.

BCB Group creates unique technology platforms to improve health outcomes in many severe patient groups. The group aims to provide innovative data-driven solutions that improve healthcare efficiency and access to new medicines. To strengthen the management team, Patrik Sobocki has been appointed new CEO for BCB Group.

Sobocki to lead BCB Group’s merged companies to combined success

Patrik Sobocki has over 20+ years of international experience in the technology and life sciences industries. As an experienced company executive, he has built several successful HealthTech companies. He also has extensive growth experience from Industrifonden. Sobocki holds a MSc in Finance from the Stockholm School of Economics and a PhD in Medicine from Karolinska Institutet where he currently holds an Associate Professorship. Patrik already has significant experience with BCB Group through being a board director of BCB Medical and Chairman of Health Solutions.

Patrik Sobocki is looking forward to guiding BCB Group to international success: “I am honoured to step into the role of the CEO of the BCB Group. Through my work at the Board of Directors of BCB, I saw first-hand the strong synergies between the two companies and the potential of the unique technology platforms the group has to support patients, healthcare organizations, and the global life sciences industry.”

Erik Wästlund, BCB Group’s Chairman of the Board, is delighted to have Sobocki in a new role: “I’m thrilled that Patrik has assumed the Group CEO role, as his experience and vision for building an international growth company is extensive. His international experience in tech and life sciences will help us to expand into new markets. BCB Group is ready for international growth, and Patrik will be there to guide our way.”

Towards BCB Group’s international expansion

BCB Group’s two companies, BCB Medical and Health Solutions, form a leading HealthTech company serving both the international healthcare industry and global life sciences customers across Northern Europe. The international growth of these two Nordic companies is supported by modern scalable software combined with data-driven solutions with a team of 100 experienced engineers, healthcare experts and data scientists. The merger between BCB Medical and Health Solutions was concluded in May 2021.

BCB Medical Oy

  • Founded in 2003 in Finland. Offices in Turku, Kuopio, Oulu, and Espoo
  • Led by CEO and founder Petteri Viljanen and owned by BCB Group (BCBM Holding Oy)
  • The company develops disease-specific monitoring solutions to optimize care pathways through health data in over 100 disease groups. The technology platform has been used in over 100 scientific research projects and publications

Health Solutions AB

  • Founded in 200o in Sweden Offices in Stockholm and London.
  • Led by CEO Marie Arnell and owned by BCB Group (BCBM Holding Oy)
  • Health Solutions’ mission is to support the healthcare industry to improve patient outcomes through technology and insights from patient-generated data. The technology platform is integrated in >40 countries worldwide

Patrick Soboki, CEO of BCB Group

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