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About Us

BCB Medical is the Nordic market leader in gathering and analyzing clinical data. Our aim is to ensure that current and future generations live healthier lives.

We gather real-world data for medical effectiveness and treatment quality through an integrated proprietary platform. We combine, analyze and illustrate clinical data from various sources and present it in an understandable format. 

We revolutionize the way clinical data impacts people’s lives.

We offer solutions for monitoring and analyzing different disease groups. With our help, healthcare professionals around the world can provide better care for their patients and develop new forms of treatment.

Our disease-specific treatment monitoring platforms are the de facto solution in Finnish healthcare, both in public and private sector. They are in active, daily use, and currently monitor and analyze more than 100 diseases groups. 

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Our mission

We bring data to life for the benefit of patients, so that we and the future generations can live healthier lives.

Our vision

We aim to revolutionize the way clinical data impacts people’s lives. We strive to help healthcare specialists develop new forms of treatment to improve patients’ lives.

Board of Directors

Birgitta Stymne Göransson

Chairman of the Board
Board Professional

Kari J. Mäkelä

Private Investor

Antti Larsio

Director, Climate Fund

Erik Wästlund

Partner, Standout Capital

Petteri Viljanen

CEO, BCB Medical

Photo Erik Wahlgren, Attendo

Eric Wåhlgren

Business Development Director, Attendo


Journey to Internationalization

Expansion of Life science services to new stakeholders. The exciting journey to internationalization starts!

Services for Life Science

Development of our services for Life Science and Research

Development of BCB Suite

R&D and development of BCB Suite for over 100 disease groups, including disease specific monitoring solutions for healthcare professionals, patient communication and engagement tools for patients, and state of the art analytical tools for research and reporting.

Significant Framework Agreement

Framework agreements with all the university hospitals and hospital districts in Finland. The agreements covers development of quality registries of over 100 disease groups supported by MyHealth solution and real-time integrations with other EHR systems in hospitals.

Large product portfolio

We expand our product portfolio to new medical areas: our quality registers cover nearly 30 disease groups. We also develop the integration platform, and our quality registers are integrated with hospital districts’ other patient data systems at an unprecedented rate.

Co-operation with HUS

We sign framework agreements with university hospitals and hospital districts in Finland. The agreements cover quality registersfor 10 disease groups, their integration to hospital systems, and the MyHealth service.

MyHealth service launched

Our quality registers are being adopted by private sector healthcare providers. We introduce the first version of MyHealth service for patients.

Hospital districts on board

Our first quality register is in use in nearly all Finnish hospital districts. We launch our second quality register for monitoring orthopedic arthroscopic surgery.

First quality register

We launch our first quality register for artificial joint surgery and perform the first systems integrations with patient data systems.

Tissue bank system spreads

Almost every tissue bank in Finland adopts our tissue bank system. We secure our first international customers in Germany, Australia and Mexico.

BCB Medical is established

BCB Medical is established to provide quality monitoring solutions for tissue banks.