Monitoring is the first step to improving the quality of care

Healthcare Solutions

BCB Health Platform records and analyzes real-world data using disease-specific monitoring solutions and MyHealth patient application. It allows seamless integrations with any electronic health record (EHR) system.

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Disease Specific Platform

Our disease-specific patient treatment monitoring systems are an invaluable, cost-effective tool for improving and monitoring the effectiveness and quality of care, improving treatment chains, and analysing clinical data. Treatment quality can be compared not only by clinic and hospital district, but also on a national level.

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Visibility to essential treatment information in one place

  • Collecting, processing, and analysing clinical data in one place, in a way that improves the treatment process
  • Giving visibility to relevant treatment information to make the treatment planning and follow-up easier for clinicians
  • The treatment monitoring systems already cover over 100 different disease groups, including different types of cancer and many other medical specialties

BCB Treatment monitoring systems for specialized fields of medicine

Joint replacement surgery




Upper limb


Foot and ankle


Prostata cancer

Kidney cancer

Breast cancer

Colorectal cancer

Skin cancer

Head & neck cancer

Sarcoma & GIST

Brain cancer

Gynaecologic cancers

Bladder cancer

Lung cancer

Children’s cancer



Upper-GI (gallbladder, bile duct, pancreas, liver, esophagus, stomach)

Spinal cord injury


Brain injury



Brain aneurysm


Multiple sclerosis

Liver transplantation

Kidney transplantation

Heart and lung transplantation

Bone marrow transplantation

Bone bank

Eye bank

Skin bank

Heart valve and blood vessel bank

Decentralized tracking of organ transplantation

Organ donor register

Decentralized tracking of organ donor

Kids’ fracture

Kids’ spine

Neonatal intensive care

Kids’ neurology

Kids’ rheumatology

Kids’ asthma

Kids’ IBD

Kids’ diabetes


Invasive cardiology

Cardiac electrophysiolgy

Transcatheter aortic valve implantation

Heart surgery

Heart failure


Bipolar disorder


Child & adolesc. psychiatry

General psychiatry

Opioid substitution treatment

Psychiatric neuromodulation


Hepatitis C






Allergy diagnostics


Severe skin diseases

Rare diseases


Vascular anomaly

Cleft lip and palate



Vascular surgery

Vascular procedures, vena





Nasal surgery

Plastic surgery

Post-monitoring (post-op)





Out-of-hospital cardiac arrest


MyHealth solutions offer the patients and the citizens a channel for secure, smooth, and flexible e-services in healthcare and social services.

MyHealth Mobile

MyHealth overall solution for e-services – MyHealth Mobile, collects the different e-services together into one interface. MyHealth Mobile can consist of different customer-specific e-services, such as appointment booking and other customer-specific tasks and events. Different MyHealth modules, such as MyHealth Questionnaires, MyHealth Remote Appointment, MyHealth Remote Monitoring, and MyHealth Feedback can also be integrated into the overall solution.

MyHealth modules can either be used through the overall solution, MyHealth Mobile, or separately as independent modules.

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MyHealth Questionnaires

MyHealth Questionnaires service enables patients to communicate with their healthcare provider about their state of health, functional capacity, and quality of life. The service makes it possible to monitor a patient’s treatment through a series of online questionnaires that are automatically activated for the patient. This also enables healthcare professionals to identify patients that may be at risk of facing serious problems.

  • Standardized and validated PROMs
  • Fully integrated and synchronised with BCB’s disease-specific registries
  • Real-time data transfer
  • Mobile First design and clear user interface ensure maximum ease of use
“What do you think about MyHealth service?”

Average rate of patients’ responses 4.0
n = 79 163
March 16, 2022

MyHealth Remote Appointment

Remote Appointment is a safe solution for remote appointments between the customer and the professional. It is developed in collaboration with Microsoft, using Teams. Customer needs to use strong identification when reserving appointment or joining remote meeting via MyHealth Mobile.

Professionals can see remote appointments in their Outlook calendar as private meetings. The solution fulfils the required functions of information security and privacy protection requirements. The service can be used for 1-to-1 appointments, multidisciplinary appointments (therapy groups), and group appointments with many customers and professionals.

MyHealth Remote Monitoring

Remote Monitoring is a platform for automatically transmitting the data of home measuring devices for utilisation, for example, to information systems used by professionals and data lakes. It offers healthcare professionals insight into the essential treatment data produced by a patient and enables remote monitoring of the patients.

MyHealt Feedback

MyHealth Feedback module is a service-specific feature to enable the evaluation of performed services (appointment, treatment period, procedure). Feedback can be collected anonymously and reported by service units, organizations, or by wellbeing services counties.

Integration Engine 

Our intelligent integration platform ensures seamless integration between our treatment monitoring systems and other clinical data systems. 

Using the integration platform, the treatment, examination and surgery reports that are generated in the treatment monitoring systems are automatically transferred to the medical record systems in a standardized format, eliminating the need for manual double entries.

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Integration platform compatible with all patient data systems

  • Our intelligent integration platform ensures seamless integration between our treatment monitoring systems and other clinical information systems.
  • 50+ integrations to clinical information systems implemented
  • Using the integration platform, the treatment, examination, and surgery reports that are generated in the treatment monitoring systems are automatically transferred to the medical record systems in a standardized format, eliminating the need for manual double-entries
  • Online availability of relevant disease-specific clinical data sets

Data & Analytics combine, analyze, and illustrate clinical data 

From the real-world data, our BCB Data Science experts produce regulator-worthy, clinical research-grade data and offer insights for fast-track clinical decisions and trials.

Standard Reports
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Data Sharing
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Data and Analytics consist of a
clinical data repository that includes analytics services, the distribution of information to the customer’s data reserves and benchmarking between the clinics and healthcare districts.

BCB Medical produces standard reports in the treatment monitoring system and presents the key indicators in an understandable format. Standard reports help the health care professionals to monitor the daily operations in the clinic and ensure that the quality of the treatment is aligned with requirements.

BCB Analyzer tool provides up-to-date data content in the treatment monitoring system available to healthcare professionals and ready for visualization. The Analyzer tool meets most data visualization needs outside standard reports. BCB Analyzer is a flexible tool for the healthcare professionals to create visualization and reports based on the changing needs. It is ideal for launching research projects quickly and developing the clinic’s work.

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