Monitoring is the first step to improving the quality of care

Healthcare Solutions

BCB Health Platform records and analyzes real-world data using disease-specific monitoring solutions and MyHealth patient application. It allows seamless integrations with any electronic health record (EHR) system.

Our disease-specific patient treatment monitoring systems are an invaluable, cost-effective tool for improving and monitoring the effectiveness and quality of care, improving treatment chains, and analyzing clinical data. Treatment quality can be compared not only by clinic and hospital district, but also on a national level.

The treatment monitoring systems already cover over 100 different disease groups, including different types of cancer and many other medical specialties.

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Integration platform compatible with all patient data systems

Our intelligent integration platform ensures a seamless integration between our treatment monitoring systems and other patient data systems. Using the integration platform, the treatment, examination and surgery reports that are generated in the treatment monitoring systems are automatically transferred to the medical record systems in a standardized format, eliminating the need for manual double-entries.

MyHealth listens to the patient

MyHealth service enables patients to engage in a dialogue with their healthcare provider about their state of health, functional capacity and quality of life. The service makes it possible to monitor a patient’s treatment through a series of online questionnaires. MyHealth is fully integrated with our treatment monitoring systems.

All our solutions are quick to adopt, secure, user friendly, and meet the strictest of quality standards.

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BCB Treatment monitoring systems for specialized fields of medicine

Organ & tissue transplantation
Infectious diseases
Skin & allergy
Rare diseases

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