Monitoring is the first step to improving the quality of care

Healthcare Solutions

BCB Health Platform records and analyzes real-world data using disease-specific monitoring solutions and MyHealth patient application. It allows seamless integrations with any electronic health record (EHR) system.

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Disease Specific Platform

Visibility to essential treatment information in one place

Our disease-specific patient treatment monitoring systems are an invaluable, cost-effective tool for improving and monitoring the effectiveness and quality of care, improving treatment chains, and analysing clinical data. Treatment quality can be compared not only by clinic and hospital district, but also on a national level.


MyHealth solutions offer the patients and the citizens a channel for secure, smooth, and flexible e-services in healthcare and social services.

MyHealth overall solution for e-services – MyHealth Mobile, collects the different e-services together into one interface. MyHealth Mobile can consist of different customer-specific e-services, such as appointment booking and other customer-specific tasks and events.

MyHealth modules can either be used through the overall solution, MyHealth Mobile, or separately as independent modules.

Integration Engine 

Seamless integration between our treatment monitoring systems and other clinical data systems. 

Using the intelligent integration platform, the treatment, examination and surgery reports that are generated in the treatment monitoring systems are automatically transferred to the medical record systems in a standardized format, eliminating the need for manual double entries.

Data and Analytics  

Data and Analytics combine, analyze, and illustrate clinical data. 

From the real-world data, our BCB Data Science experts produce regulator-worthy, clinical research-grade data and offer insights for fast-track clinical decisions and trials.

Data and Analytics consists of a clinical data repository that includes benchmarking between hospitals, the distribution of information to the customer’s data reserves, and analytics services.

Digital Screening  

We help you find, diagnose and treat the right patients. 

Our tools for population screening make it possible to find those at risk of disease. We also offer solutions for cascade screening, a highly effective tool to reach those at risk of genetic diseases.

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