Analytics services to combine, analyze, and illustrate clinical data

Data and Analytics

Data & Analytics combine, analyze, and illustrate clinical data. From the real-world data, our BCB Data Science experts produce regulator-worthy, clinical research-grade data and offer insights for fast-track clinical decisions and trials.

Standard Reports
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Data Sharing
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Data and Analytics consist of a
clinical data repository that includes analytics services, the distribution of information to the customer’s data reserves and benchmarking between the clinics and healthcare districts.

BCB Medical produces standard reports in the treatment monitoring system and presents the key indicators in an understandable format. Standard reports help the health care professionals to monitor the daily operations in the clinic and ensure that the quality of the treatment is aligned with requirements.

Analytics dashboard – BCB Analyzer

BCB Analyzer tool provides up-to-date data content in the treatment monitoring system available to healthcare professionals and ready for visualization. The Analyzer tool meets most data visualization needs outside standard reports. BCB Analyzer is a flexible tool for the healthcare professionals to create visualization and reports based on the changing needs. It is ideal for launching research projects quickly and developing the clinic’s work.

BCB Analyzer nakyma
  • A personal tool to provide a up-to-date data content of the entire registry into an easily approchable format that is ready to be visualized
  • Typically, there is a big gap between recorded raw data and its visualization. This tool tries to narrow it by providing data into a data model, on top of which it is easy to build graphs using parameters familiar from the data content of the registry

  • BCB Medical’s own data pool takes care of modeling, maintaining and keeping the collected raw data up to date, this way reports recorded by the tool’s user are always up-to-date

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