BCB Medical and MediSapiens in cooperation for data standardization

BCB Medical and MediSapiens are thrilled to announce their cooperation in the field of data standardization. Both BCB Medical and MediSapiens are participants in the EHDEN, European Health Data & Evidence Network.

In the EHDEN, BCB Medical is a data partner, providing data for conversion to the OMOP Common Data Model, while MediSapiens is currently the only EHDEN-certified SME in the Nordics to provide support and consultation with applying OMOP. The initial cooperation shall focus on several Finnish clinical data sources that will be converted into the OMOP model, allowing the data to be more effectively used for national and international research. The use of OMOP in the daily operations of BCB Medical will further expand its capabilities to serve its clients with consistent, high quality data that can be efficiently combined with other data sources.

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Photo of Lisse-Lotte Hermansson CSO BCB medical

Lisse-Lotte Hermansson

Chief Scientific Officer, BCB Medical
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Photo of Nils Effetrs CEO MediSapiens

Nils Efferts

CEO, MediSapiens
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