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Life Science

We combine, process and analyze real-world clinical data and offer valuable insights in an easy-to-use, visualized format for healthcare providers, pharmaceutical industry and researchers.

We gather clinical data from our disease-specific patient treatment monitoring systems and through our integrated proprietary platform. From that real-world data, our BCB Data Science Engine produces regulator-worthy, clinical research-grade data and offers insights for fast-track clinical decisions and trials. Our solutions also enable national and regional benchmarking with consistent disease-specific indicators relating to treatment results and help to identify key areas in need of development.

High quality data and secure data transfer

Thanks to our data and analytics, BCB Data Science Engine is an essential, single system tool for improved patient management, reduced healthcare costs, and research advancements. The quality of the data is ensured by our treatment monitoring systems, designed and continuously maintained by our highly skillful team.

The data collected from our disease-specific patient treatment monitoring systems can be transferred to hospital data storages and data lakes using the safe and secure BCB Content Broker service.

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