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BCB Medical offers solutions for monitoring and analysing different disease groups by using clinically evaluated medical devices for healthcare professionals. 

Our aim is to help develop more effective treatment pathways. We want to ensure that treatment decisions can be based on data and that the best practices can be identified and implemented to secure the quality of care for all patients.

We collect, combine, analyse, and illustrate real-world data from various sources and present it in an understandable format. Our monitoring systems are in active, daily use, and currently cover more than 100 disease groups.

With the help of our solutions, healthcare professionals can minimize manual input and promote automated data collection. They are a proven positive impact on the efficiency of treatments in over 300 clinics in Finland.*

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Disease groups

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End users

Data in BCB treatment monitoring systems is collected automatically from various sources: hospitals’ EHR systems, healthcare professionals, and from patients through our integrated MyHealth digital PROM service. The data is processed and analyzed to help healthcare professionals and patients easily get visibility to relevant treatment information and improve the treatment process. The stored data can be utilized for reporting, research, machine learning, and benchmarking.

* Continuous Clinical Evaluation
BCB performs continuous clinical evaluation as a regulated manufacturer. The process for clinical evaluation is verified in the audit performed by the world’s leading certification company SGS.

Solutions for improving the quality of care

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Healthcare professionals

  • Visibility of relevant treatment information at a glance – saves time and recources
  • Patient’s PROM data is available before and after the clinical visits
  • Improved healthcare processes, and adherence to clinical practice guidelines and standards – reduced cost of delivering care
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  • Active role in their own health management
  • Timely diagnoses – the right treatment at the right time
  • Eliminating non-essential hospital visits and follow-up appointments
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Pharma and research

  • Digital services as a part of the treatment – providing real-world evidence
  • Combining data from multiple sources
  • Structured and standardized data to be analysed with data science and big data methods
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Healthcare solutions

We create the tools: disease-specific treatment monitoring systems, MyHealth service for patients, and seamless, agile and cost-effective integrations through our intelligent integration platform.

Life Science

We make a difference: we offer valuable insights through gathering and analyzing real-world data for improved patient management, reduced healthcare costs and research advancements.

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Certified processes and data security

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