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BCB Medical moves to scalable IT consumption model with Dell APEX Flex on Demand

New flexible on-premises solution improves information security of healthcare data even further. With the new IT model, BCB Medical can in turn offer more cost-effective services to its customers and plan future growth more reliably.

BCB Medical, the Nordic market leader in gathering and analyzing clinical data, has migrated to a flexible IT consumption model with APEX Flex on Demand from Dell Technologies. As a result of the deployment, BCB Medical can gather and analyze growing amounts of clinical data that healthcare customers are using to improve treatments and health outcomes.

The new solution simplifies IT scalability and makes IT simpler with on-demand capacity, ensuring data compliance and control. In addition, management time is reduced by 20% and new software is deployed 10% faster than before.

Dell’s APEX Flex on Demand delivers an on-premises solution that has the capacity to flex up as workloads increase during the year or new customers onboard. In turn, data insights from the APEX Flex on Demand infrastructure are helping healthcare providers and the Finnish healthcare ministry drive public health programs.

“We have been waiting years for a solution such as APEX Flex on Demand”

“With Dell’s solution, BCB Medical retains control of its data to ensure compliance with Finnish healthcare data security requirements”, says Mika Vuokko, Chief Information Officer from BCB Medical.

“We’d been waiting years for a solution such as APEX Flex on Demand to become available. We have reduced the time and cost to implement software updates by 20% with APEX Flex on Demand. In addition, we make deployments 10% faster. APEX Flex on Demand is 30% more cost effective than a leading cloud provider,” Vuokko states.

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