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New IBD Symptom Diary App for pilot use in TAYS

Two-way information is the cornerstone of the digitalizing health care of the future. Tampere University Hospital TAYS has introduced a new kind of digital healthcare solution, the IBD Symptom Diary Application, which enables an IBD patient to independently produce information about their health and well-being both for their own and for healthcare professionals’ use.

The aim of the symptom diary application for IBD patients is to support the patient’s own activity in order to promote their well-being. It enables the patient to provide information about their health and well-being, both for themselves and for the use of the professionals treating them. In addition, the application allows the patient to monitor their treatment monitoring data. The application has been implemented in cooperation with TAYS, BCB Medical and Takeda. 

The content of the application was designed by TAYS and the technical implementation has been carried out by BCB Medical. The pilot phase will last an estimated six months, followed by assessing the activity, benefits, experience gained from the diary application and potential development needs in collaboration with TAYS. The aim is to explore opportunities to eventually extend the application to national use in different hospital districts.

Read more about the TAYS pilot use in IBD-symptom diary (in Finnish) >>

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