Joining forces with Health Solutions will benefit the Life Science customers

BCB Medical, the Finnish market leader in advanced software systems for gathering and analyzing clinical data, has acquired its Swedish partner and pioneer in health data, Health Solutions AB. Our joined mission is to help the healthcare sector to improve patient care through optimized use of healthcare and patient-generated data.

The acquisition makes the combined entity the most prominent Health IT company in the Nordic region, focusing on the quality and effectiveness of patient care.

Merging the expertise of the two companies will create a significant operator in the field of Health IT and Life Science, supported by modern scalable software and highly competent and dedicated personnel.

“We love to make data become alive by visualizing and analyzing it, with the aim to build AI/ML solutions that can support HCPs and enhance patient centricity. There is a great synergy in geographies and in therapy areas as Health Solutions has developed systems to monitor patient outcomes with infectious diseases in the Nordic region and the UK”, says Lisse-Lotte Hermansson, the CSO of BCB Medical.

Leading actor in digitalizing the gathering and analyzing of real-world data

Together BCB Medical and Health Solutions combine, process and analyze real-world clinical data and offer valuable insights in an easy-to-use, visualized format for healthcare providers, pharmaceutical industry, and researchers.

“The combined company will be the leading actor in digitalizing the gathering and analyzing of clinical real-world data”, Hermansson emphasizes.

BCB Medical and Health Solutions gather clinical data from disease-specific treatment monitoring systems and through their integrated proprietary platform. From that real-world data, BCB Data Science Engine produces regulator-worthy, clinical research-grade data and offers insights for fast-track clinical decisions and trials.

“Our solutions also enable national and regional benchmarking with consistent disease-specific indicators relating to treatment results and help to identify key areas in need of development.

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CSO, BCB Medical


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