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Health Solutions is now BCB Medical

The successful merger of BCB Medical and Health Solutions is now finalized and the group continues to operate under one name: BCB Medical.


Health Solutions has been a part of BCB Medical since the merger of the companies in 2021. Together, the companies are the most prominent Nordic Health IT company in gathering and analyzing clinical data. BCB Group’s market leading Care Pathway Platform drive value-based medicine and improve health outcomes in the most severe patient groups. The group provides innovative data-driven solutions that improve healthcare efficiency and facilitate access to new medicines faster for patients. We combine, process and illustrate clinical data from various sources and present it in understandable format offering valuable insights in an easy-to-use, visualized format.

BCB Medical has worked the past 20 years in developing innovative solutions for health care and life science sectors. By finalizing the merger and combining the two organizations to one BCB Medical, the group is now fully prepared to serve its customers across markets and take the next steps forward on the international growth journey.

We are at your service

As a part of the changes Health Solutions e-mail addresses have been changed to: firstname.lastname(at) The old (at) address will be redirected to the new address for some time. We continue to be at your service with the same familiar staff, just as before. Contact details are found here. Please, let us know if we can help you.

We are committed to continue the successful work according to our mission: We bring data to life for the benefit of patients, so that we and the future generations can live healthier lives.

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Patrick Soboki, CEO of BCB Group

Patrik Sobocki
CEO, BCB group
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Emma Höglund, Head of Growth at BCB Group

Emma Höglund
Head of Care Pathway Solutions
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Pasi Korhonen, a Strategic Advisor for BCB Group

Pasi Korhonen
Head of Data Solutions
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