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Wellbeing services counties are moving towards comprehensive e-services


Citizens can manage their entire services related to social and health care services in a single electronic channel when the wellbeing services counties use MyHealth service.


BCB Medical Oy has developed MyHealth product family to facilitate e-services for citizens. BCB Quality Registers and the MyHealth questionnaires are already in use in wellbeing services counties, and now MyHealth overall solution for e-services, has also been launched.

“We have a long and diverse experience in the health and social services sector and digital solutions. We are cooperating with the wellbeing services counties so that in the future they can provide a centralised channel for electronic services,” says Virpi Pelto, Chief Operating Officer of BCB Medical. 

In addition to patient questionnaires and remote monitoring, the MyHealth service includes, for example, citizens’ forms, feedback, and remote appointments. A significant advantage of the MyHealth solution is that it is integrated with different patient information systems and also makes national healthcare services available. The solution acts as if as an umbrella for electronic services systems.

“It is enough for the customer to log in to MyHealth. Under it, you can find other national operators and services in the wellbeing services counties,” says Marko Kaukonen, who is the head of BCB Medical’s business development of e-services. 

Kaukonen hints that the wellbeing services counties can bring more e-services they deem necessary to MyHealth and thus make efficient use of existing solutions.

Kymenlaakso leads the way

The wellbeing services county of Kymenlaakso, among others, has come up with ideas for the MyHealth solution together with BCB Medical and developed innovative additional services for it. The region wants to be a forerunner in digital development and work closely with a supplier who understands the industry.

“In a short period of time, we have been able to create a comprehensive solution for electronic services and remote care that meets the needs of the wellbeing services county of Kymenlaakso. Seamless collaboration and agile implementation of ideas have worked well with BCB Medical. Our own experts have been genuinely involved in software development”, says Matti Ahola, CIO of the Kymenlaakso wellbeing services county.

Ahola believes that a strong expertise, a genuine desire to cooperate and experience in the industry have created fertile ground for joint development on a fast schedule.

E-services save resources

One national goal is to increase digital services developed for healthcare needs. The wellbeing services counties also have an interest in moving more comprehensively to remote contacts due to limited human resources.

“In addition to streamlining citizens’ remote services, the aim of bringing remote services together under one application is to make more efficient use of healthcare resources and to develop treatment processes,” Pelto sees.

The MyHealth product family is built by BCB Medical’s multiprofessional team, which takes into account the needs of both IT and health and social services and the preconditions of operations in the development of solutions. 

Original article in Finnish by Ritva-Liisa Sanneman
Published in Helsingin Sanomat, Technology supplement 01-25-2023
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