Laptop and Mobile phone, introducing MyHealth

E-services and remote services will make the operations of wellbeing services counties more efficient

The goals set for the wellbeing services counties require new kinds of solutions for remote services

BCB Medical has developed its offering to meet the needs of the wellbeing services counties’ overall e-services and other remote services that support self-care, guided by digital service counseling.  

MyHealth Overall Solution for e-services 

MyHealth Overall Solution for e-services creates a centralised e-service channel for social and health care customers. In this case, the national and regional services of different suppliers and operators are joined in a single solution operating on different terminals.  

“Forming a complete solution for e-services has been challenging. The entity must use data from patient systems, compile the implementation of treatment as a combination of several customer service systems, and further report usage data for knowledge-based management. Cooperation with BCB Medical has been able to effectively adopt the use of several project resources, achieved the challenging goal, and enabled expanding co-creation into the future”, comments Program Director Johannes Holvitie from the wellbeing services county of Southwest Finland.  

Home measurements to be utilised with MyHealth Remote Monitoring

The MyHealth Remote Monitoring service provides a platform for automatically transmitting the data of home measuring devices for utilisation, for example, to information systems and data lakes used by professionals.  

Secure MyHealth Remote Appointment 

The service developed in cooperation with Microsoft and the Hospital District of Southwest Finland offers a safe solution for remote appointments. Together with MyHealth Overall Solution for e-services and Remote Monitoring, it smoothly creates a functional and efficient remote service package. This remote service entity supports the commitment of citizens to maintaining their own wellbeing and provides healthcare professionals with new kinds of solutions for implementing services.  

Long experience in health and social services and e-services

 BCB Medical has long and diverse experience in the health and social services sector and electronic services through BCB Quality Registers and MyHealth questionnaires integrated into the registers. 

“We cooperate with the wellbeing services counties so that they can offer their customers a centralised channel for electronic services and a smooth remote service package. We have a comprehensive understanding of the overall needs of the wellbeing services counties and the strength of our partner ecosystem,” says Virpi Pelto, the COO of BCB Medical.  

Also published in the Finnish Journal for doctors, Lääkärilehti  appendix  Future Health, and as an online article in Finnish language. Read the article here>>


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