The founder and CEO Petteri Viljanen leaves BCB Medical in good hands

BCB Medical and its unique Care Pathway Platform of the BCB Suite has a dominating position across the Finnish healthcare market. One of the founders and a long-term CEO Petteri Viljanen has decided to step down from his operating role at BCB Medical and henceforth act as a senior advisor to the BCB Group.

BCB Medical was founded in 2003 to support optimized care for surgeons and patients. Over the years, BCB Group has developed a market-leading Care Pathway Platform to drive value-based medicine and improve health outcomes in over 100 disease areas. The Group also provides innovative data-driven solutions that improve healthcare efficiency and facilitate access to new medicines faster for patients through the most medical-grade Real-World Data for global research needs. 

Petteri Viljanen, CEO at BCB Medical

Petteri Viljanen, one of the original founders of BCB Medical and the company CEO since 2003, has led the growth of the company to an internationally acknowledged operator in the healthcare and research markets. An important step in the international expansion was the successful completion of the acquisition of Health Solutions in 2021. The merger added six more geographies and a total of 400 clinics with 2M+ active patients using the Care Pathway Platform daily. Today the BCB Group has over 100 employees with offices across multiple countries.

 The next step in the merger: launching a combined organisation

As the next step to address the opportunities, the BCB Group fully integrates the existing teams of the two companies and launches a combined organization to better serve its key customers across markets: leading health systems and hospitals to drive value-based medicine as well as global pharmaceutical companies to fuel R&D and Real-World Data insights.

As BCB Group is now heading towards an international growth journey with its technology and data products, Viljanen has decided to step down from his operating role at BCB Medical and act as a senior advisor to the Group on its continued quest to improve health outcomes across healthcare and research markets.

Petteri Viljanen: “I have had the privilege to lead this great company from the very beginning. BCB’s strong growth journey has been magnificent, thanks to our skilled people and wonderful customers. We have grown to be the Nordic market leader in gathering and analysing health data with over 100 professionals in 5 locations. This would not have been possible without our customers, who have always supported and helped us to create this unique platform to gather, combine and analyse Real-World Data to improve the quality and effectiveness of care. These past 20 years have been an amazing ride and now is the right time to hand over the leadership to our talented and experienced management team.”

Patrik Sobocki, CEO of the BCB Group, is grateful for the impressive 20 years Viljanen has dedicated to building Europe’s most trusted Care Pathway Platform and congratulates Viljanen on his achievements.

“There is now a next generation of leaders added to the BCB Group who have the ambition to build further on the inspiring passion that Viljanen put into BCB Medical. We look forward to taking continued advice from Viljanen on the group’s continued growth journey.”

Towards BCB Group’s international expansion

BCB Group’s two companies, BCB Medical and Health Solutions, form a leading HealthTech company serving both the international healthcare industry and global life sciences customers across Northern Europe. The international growth of these two Nordic companies is supported by modern scalable software combined with data-driven solutions with a team of 100 experienced engineers, healthcare experts and data scientists. The merger between BCB Medical and Health Solutions was concluded in May 2021.

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