Remote appointment service has helped Turku University Hospital Neurocenter since the early days of Covid-19

“Covid-19 created a great need for remote appointments. We needed to stay in touch with our patients, but some of them were afraid or unwilling to meet with healthcare professionals face to face”, explains Riitta Danielsson-Ojala, clinical nurse specialist at the Turku University Hospital Neurocenter.

BCB Medical quickly offered a solution together with Microsoft: the patients are contacted via Teams, a platform for virtual communication. The patients can book their remote appointments themselves, while the nurses and physicians can arrange their own schedules to accommodate the virtual meetings.

Neurocenter has now successfully used remote appointments with their patients since the spring of 2020.

“Thanks to this project, the Turku University Hospital has realized that virtual communication offers plenty of opportunities for other patient groups too. For instance, there is a childbirth preparation class that, thanks to the platform, can now welcome a larger number of participants. We also have a lot of patients who live in the archipelago, or otherwise have a difficult travel to the hospital, and this solution saves them the travel,” Danielsson-Ojala.